let’s have a party, guys

I have several reasons for desiring that we fall into revelry on today of all days.

  1. I just want to.
  2. I do what I want.
  3. It’s Lloyd’s birthday.
  4. My book is out in the world hopefully breaking hearts today.

So it’s a party. Be real, we all needed this excuse to have cake and dance at random intervals.

Let’s do this, guys. 🙂

So, what we’re going to do: I’m going to run a poll (but not with an actual poll plug-in, I want you guys to answer as comments). I’m going to ask what you guys want to read, and post the things you desire for the next 48 hours or so.

I think.

Everything is flexible.

So, do you want:

  1. A Lloyd the Llama photoshoot


2. A Geoff and Jeff story I wrote recently

You guys know where the comments are. Anyone who requests both gets a double helping of cake. Now you’re trying to figure out if that’s a punishment or a reward.

Even I don’t know.

I’m confusing and ambiguous that way.

oh my goodness, guys, it’s kermit, my favorite celebrity

19 thoughts on “let’s have a party, guys

  1. Hey, cool story. Good job on getting it published.

    *clears throat*
    But…I’m actually just here for the cake.

    Just kidding! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I don’t even know you but I think it’s so incredibly wonderful that you published your book today. 😊 Your story sounds perfect (because sad giants and puns are definitely needed in the world right now) and I hope tons of people read it! You go, Weez! ❤️

    I’m picking both because (A) more cake (B) they both sound amazing (C) I can’t choose between Lloyd and Geoff and Jeff…I just won’t.

    • I respect that.

      Oh, you were kidding? I respect that too. I’m so glad you like the sound of my story!!

      Here is all of your cake, and your vote is scribbled.

  2. i want the story but i also want both but i’m gonna say story

    also i have come
    with peanut mnms
    is anyone allergic
    i’m having a banana
    and maybe some pepsi
    and i stole my brother’s speakers so we can play something


    I can’t decide between my boy Lloyd and Geoff and Jeff, so I choose either both or else you do the one you most feel like doing. Tell Lloyd happy birthday for me!

  4. Ohh!! I really love a good party!! *claps hands happily* I vote for the photoshoot, though I would happily eat two servings of cake! 😀 Can you tell Lloyd I say happy birthday? 😀

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