Peace, My Dudes

A self-portrait entitled One of Those Bad Days. If you need a weird photographer, I’m here and I only charge chocolate milk by the hour, baby, so it’s a sweet deal. Okay? Okay.

There’s a new Semisonic song. It’s called All It Would Take, and I think it’s lovely. I have no idea what it’s supposed to be about. I think it’s vaguely inspirational yet also quite depressing. It makes me want to watch one of those movies like Lionsgate used to make, before they did The Hunger Games. My sister and I would sit on the floor with blankets and popcorn and dirty bare feet and we’d watch a rented Lionsgate film. I think. That might’ve only been once or twice. The movies were cheesy, but the innocence was palpable.

I say, like we aren’t still innocent. I guess we still are, but the weight of the world is very heavy. I spin in my spinny chair sometimes, feeling very angry at and jealous of the countless people who can’t see the universe coming apart at the seams. It seems as though they’re much happier.

It must be nice.

A self-portrait entitled What Do You Want Me To Say (So That I Can Not Say It).

I should take some really dramatic photos of Lloyd the Llama so that he can go through his experimental moody artist phase. Although I’m not sure he even has it in him. It would actually be somewhat ironic to see pink-and-white, fluffy, innocent, smiling Lloyd photographed in low lighting and grunge filters applied.

I call this Lloyd Tries To Llook Edgy.

(Entitled Lloyd Llookin’ for Llove).

Oh, wow, Lloyd. Age has changed you, my love.

Lloyd and I are pleased to announce that we’ll be releasing an experimental rap record called “Age and Chocolate Milk.”

Man, that would be cool. Me and Lloyd, angsty and taking the world by storm.

Unfortunately, neither of us is as cool as we pretend to be.

Also, we rapidly approach snacktime and I have a yogurt craving.

Peace, my dudes.

4 thoughts on “Peace, My Dudes

  1. I love the gloomy self-portraits. The ones of Lloyd are amazing, because of the contrast between himself and the style, you know. I love the ones of you as well. They’re very atmospheric.

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