On human nature, and also carbonation

they’re crowding up the air with words they cannot know

(I Believe in Everything // Matchbox Twenty)

Arthur Dent never could get the hang of Thursdays, and I wish it weren’t Wednesday, and, if I remember correctly, pop music informed us that it’s always just another manic Monday–so, what I’m saying is, we have Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday left. But I’m not too sure about those either.

Right, because Freaky Friday. We are rapidly running out of days that aren’t marred.

See, I’m pretty sure everything is marred. That’s what being a human is. It’s being marred. So it doesn’t make sense, really, to expect humans to be anything otherwise. Humans are imperfect and sad. Unfortunately, I do believe that I frequently do expect people to be perfect. Suspecting that perhaps we all fall into this trap, I have also determined that this is yet another human imperfection–the mere expectation of perfection.

I threw my spoon into the sink and shouted to the window, and no one answered. I watched part of a documentary. I sipped a Sunkist. I am still sipping said Sunkist.

Sunkist tastes awful, by the way.

Now I want to know; does anyone here actually like the way carbonated beverages taste? Like, do you really love it? Or do you just vaguely crave the caffeine, sugar, and weird burn in the back of your throat?

*drinks the Sunkist anyway*

12 thoughts on “On human nature, and also carbonation

  1. Well, regarding the first half of your post- to quote Cassandra Clare, “A patchwork of love and grief.” Humans can be awful, miserable, pretentious creatures, but they’re also amazing and beautifully flawed. Humans are two very opposing ends of a MASSIVE universal spectrum just shoved into a body of blood and bones, like some kind of cosmic sandwich with wacky morals. It’s great. I wonder what kind of cheese they use.
    And regarding the latter half of your post- I occasionally enjoy a sip or two of carbonated drinks, because if you drink too much then it’ll come back up your nose- and I HATE that.
    Great post!!

  2. Are… are you talking about the Arthur Dent I know of?? The one from Novacom in Adventures in Odyssey?? Please tell me you are ’cause he’s so awesome once he goes partially insane!! 😀

    …If you’re not talking about the same one I’m going to feel very awkward and strange indeed. XD

    • Unfortunately I am discussing the Arthur Dent in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I never was an Adventures in Odyssey kind of kid :/ which I slightly regret now. And now must obsessively Google about. Because you just said someone goes insane.

      No need to feel awkward! I am the most awkward person to exist. I ran into a door today. Once I tried tonopwn a door for a lady and wound up ramming myself into the door somehow. She laughed and walked past me.

      • Ok, haha, I did wonder because I didn’t recognize anything that you mentioned in connection with Arthur Dent. 😂😂😂

        I’m still glad I asked. Because it’s sometimes fun to reference something that nobody understands. 😁
        He’s a great British character who works for a company called Novacom in the audio drama Adventures in Odyssey. It’s pretty brilliant. He does lose his mind partially in the end. It’s great. XD

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