About the Daydreamer


image credit K. Fioretti

a strange little child with words in her heart and feelings in her mind / unfortunately, sadly, found that the world was not always kind / she tried not to be melancholy, and penned some thoughts / and hoped someone, somewhere was encouraged by the writings she had wrought.

How to describe myself?

I consider this.

I think about how others describe me, and how they describe themselves. I ask myself again: How to describe myself?

I get up, maybe, and get an orange or something–because maybe I’m hungry, and fruit is nature’s fast food. Or maybe I don’t, and I keep typing, because I’m not hungry, but fruit is still nature’s fast food.

How do I come across to people? Some would say dorky, I think. Others would say strange. A few would say melancholy. Yet, still, others would say happy-go-lucky and fun. I consider this.

My uncle told my mother that I’m “pensive, yet laid-back.” I consider this. I like this. It’s a paradox. I am a paradox, or maybe an oxymoron. I’m still figuring it out. People are paradoxes, or maybe oxymorons. We’re ALL still figuring it out.

Who do I think I am?

I’m Weez. I’m a Christian, a homeschooler, a person living with ADHD, a poet, an artist, a fangirl, and a lot of things, actually.

I overthink. Am I overthinking now? Probably so. It’s okay. Overthinking is fun, well, sometimes. Life is fun, well, not all of the time.

I’m into accuracy, but I’m a natural exaggerator. Yep, oxymoron/paradox/person.

Should I say what sort of things I’m into? So that people can get to know me? Or… nah. This is too long already.

Read the blog, maybe, and this will all make a bit more sense. Hopefully.